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Tilli is a play-based, social-emotional learning tool that brings together the joys of play and the power of behavioural science to help kids (alongside their caregivers and teachers) build foundational, lifelong skills and mindsets to be stay, safe and happy.

Tilli has a series of play based modules focused on a range of social emotional learning skills that help kids:

  • Recognize and label their feelings and emotions
  • Articulate their feelings and communicate their needs
  • Practise healthy coping strategies that help them manage big feelings
  • Understand how to set personal boundaries and develop body safety skills
  • Develop clearer mental models around trust


Tilli actively reaches out to identify and build community among parents, caregivers, kids, educators, developers, designers, local content creators, linguists, and community leaders. Tilli uses an inclusive community building approach to nurture under-resourced languages and emphasize inputs from girls, those with disabilities, from rural and urban areas, and conflict zones. This enables Tilli to meet the needs of our stakeholders in a variety of languages and communities. Our stakeholders include girls in rural communities, under-resourced languages and kids with disabilities and those living in conflict zones.

By submitting :

  • developer feedback;
  • culturally relevant design feedback on the needs of different communities, and languages;
  • insights from parents, caregivers, teachers on types of learning loss experienced post-covid;
  • types of supports needed to overcome this learning loss
  • feedback on the impact of learning loss to the community from local leaders Each of these and additional stakeholders become active participants in the development and design of the Tilli content. This is valuable because the content becomes informed and stewarded by the community for the community. This makes it much more likely that Tilli will be relevant to the communities it serves so it can grow and be successful one community at a time.

The values of each community will be reflected using this process while the voice of each community is amplified. This will inspire and motivate additional communities to come forward and engage with Tilli and strengthen the kids in their community to ensure their lifelong success.


Last updated :03/24/2023